You Haven’t Seen the Last of The Stallionaires: Real, Chance and Mikey


     A Jamie Foster Brown interview
    (excerpted from the February 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister)

    Reality-show junkies know Real and Chance. There’s no doubt that the brothers have always stood out on the streets of Los Angeles, but after they vied for New York’s attention on the popular VH1 reality show “I Love New York,” VH1 gave them their own spin-off of the “Flavor of Love” spin-off. As the stars of their own show, “Real Chance at Love,” the bachelors got a chance to taste test—err, get to know 15 women. Whether you agree with it or not, they’re even able to trade ladies, all in the name of looking for love.

    In this interview, Real and Chance brought along their youngest brother Micah, whom they call Mikey, for the ride.Together the three make up a singing group called Stallionaires, a name inspired by their family business of breeding Arabian horses.

    The Stallionaires entertain S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown with stories about their on- and off-screen dating experiences. Jamie was surprised to learn that the guys live with their uncle and manager Michael Concepion. Michael, who was formerly a Crip, turned his life around, initiating the 1990 truce between the Crips and Bloods and co-executive-producing the rap hit “We’re All in the Same Gang.” Under Michael’s guidance, the Stallionaires walk a straight path and haven’t hustled anything except dogs (and weaves, if Real is to be believed). Chance raises pit bulls, English bulldogs and other popular breeds. He said he recently got a dog from singer Aaron Hall, who has been breeding dogs for years.

    At times it’s hard to tell when these guys are being serious, but eventually you’re going to see them drop their comedic personas to discuss the “very functional” family they were raised in and their desire to encourage kids to pursue careers outside of entertainment. Read on for a peek at the young men behind the Stallionaires, and click here to see their antics on video.


    Jamie: Tell me about your life before you got your show.
    Real: When we were little kids, we grew up on a ranch in Northern California. A little city called Acampo. We had a big old farm with catfish, cows, pigs—the whole nine. My dad would slaughter the pigs and we had straight natural, good food. But it was real racist, so we ended up moving to Inglewood, California.
    Chance: Where it was even more racist. [laughter]
    Real: They had Black-on-Black crime.

    Jamie: Wait a minute—let’s back up a little bit. Where’s Daddy?
    Real: Daddy’s with Mom. … They’re not in Inglewood anymore, they’re in The Valley.

    Jamie: Do you all live with them or close by or what?    
    Mikey: Shoot, man, when you’ve got KKK throwing rocks through your windows and breaking in your house, writing “Ni@@er, go home” on your walls, that’s a little too racist. Now, we would have said, “Alright. Us ni@@ers are going home. Just get us a boat and a trip to Africa.” [laughter]

    Jamie: So how long were they up there?
    Real: Maybe, like, five or six years.

    Jamie: So it’s just four boys and no girls?
    Real: Yeah, no girls.

    Jamie: Now how is Mike Concepcion related to you?
    Real: He’s my mother’s godbrother.

    Jamie: Why did he raise you, or why are you all with him?
    Real: Because he’s the best—the best.
    Chance: He’s the best, man. When we ended up in Inglewood and South Central and stuff like that, man, he had to snag us out of there and give us a better life. You know what I mean? My mom and dad were too busy trying to work on their projects and get back to the ranch-type style. So my uncle scooped us up. He knew we were in the entertainment field and it was right up his alley.

    Jamie: Right, because Mike was in the entertainment business. He used to hustle. He used to be in a gang. But he’s changed a lot, right?
    Real: Yeah.

    Jamie: Were you all around him when he was in the gang?
    Real: No, we weren’t even born. Mind you, that was the ’60s and ’70s. [laughter] So by the time we came along in the early ’80s, he was already in the music business and doing positive stuff.

    Jamie: Oh, okay. So how did you all get to have this show? You were in entertainment from the time you were kids?
    Real: From the time we were kids.
    Chance: We also worked with Mike Concepcion when we were little. So we’ve been with Mike ever since elementary school. We had our first TV show with Mike and everything.

    For more, pick up the February 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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